The Origin of Consulate General of the State of Kuwait in Pakistan


Diplomatic ties between Kuwait and Pakistan were established in the year 1963 and subsequently Consulate General of the State of Kuwait in Pakistan was first established in the form of a temporary office at the Beach Luxury Hotel. Later on a more substantial base was formed at the Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola Road in KDA scheme No 1 (near Karsaz) in Karachi. The First Consul General to Pakistan was H.E. Yusuf Al Majeed. 

In the year 1965 the ties of brotherhood between Pakistan and Kuwait were strengthened and an Embassy was established in 1965, which was headed H.E. Muhailhil Mohammad Al Mudhaf the first Ambassador to Pakistan and the following diplomats to support the new Embassy, 

Mr. Yusuf Mohammad Al Monayes, First Secretary

Mr. Jassim Mohammad Baham, Third Secretary

Mr. Abdul Latif Al Dowaisan, Diplomatic Attaché 

End of 1967, the Capital was shifted to Islamabad, therefore the Kuwait Embassy staff was asked to shift to Islamabad by the Government of Pakistan, by this time a new Ambassador had joined mission and taken over as the Head of mission, H.E. Ahmed Abdulwahab Al Nakib, however it was suggested that the Karachi office to be left as it is and should be headed by Mr. Jassim Mohammad Baham, as the embassy of Kuwait in Karachi, later by 1968 the Karachi office was converted to the Consulate General of the State of Kuwait, Karachi and the first Consul General was H.E. Mr Ahmed Abdul Wahab Al Marzouk. 

H.E. Mr Ahmed Abdul Wahab Al Marzouk was transferred in 1982 where he was replaced by H.E. Saleh Mohammad Al Saleh, who then was restored by H.E. Khalifa Al Mussallam in 1975.

 During the tenure of H.E. Khalifa Al Mussallam, it was decided to build a complex for the Consulate General, which would have its administration block, the residence of the Consul General and 4 apartments for the diplomatic staff of the consulate, for this purpose a land was purchased in year 1979 (stands till this day ), which was designed by the famous Greek Architectural company M/s. Zambillas, Athens Greece and through a world wide tender its construction work was awarded to M/S International contracting CO (the same company who at that time were simultaneously building the Karachi Sheraton Hotel which was the joint venture project between Kuwait Finance Trading & Investment Co. Kuwait and M/s Arabian Sea Enterprise, Karachi on equity participation basis). 

The Consulate’s complex consists of the most modern equipments/instruments which are imported from abroad. In view of excellent relations between Kuwait and Pakistan the Government of Pakistan allowed the consulate to import these items under Diplomatic privileges free of custom duty and sales tax. The total cost of construction excluding furniture stood at approximately Five Crore (Pakistani rupee) and took 3 years to be completed. The consulate shifted in their new venue on the 17th of December 1982. During the Construction period H.E. Khalifa Al Mussallam was transferred and H.E. Hamad Al Ahmadin took over as head of mission.


Courtesy: Khalid Yousuf Ghazi




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